Magic earth frequently freezes up (FP3)

Magic earth used to run just fine on my Fairphone 3. Since I’ve updated from /e/ OS 1.3 to 1.5 it’s become very unstable, freezing up as soon as I try to start navigation / display navigation options.
Do others observe the same problem?

I’m generally unhappy with Magic Earth. I wonder if the /e/ developpers are really using /e/ themselves. For me, a good map application is the one thing that /e/ is missing today.

I just tried once since 1.5.1-s on my Fairphone 4.

Indeed, I started a 5 km route because I was lost in the countryside.
The screen immediately froze on the starting point, although the voice guidance continued normally.

I closed the application and have not tried it since.

Maybe check is this issue is opened on Gitlab…

I’m very happy with it. Seems currently like the best bet because there are no open source navigation apps with traffic information around.

Ok, maybe the navigator part is ok. That’s for the car drivers among us. I barely use the navigator.

couldn’t find an issue, so I started one:

to everyone: feel free to add your experiences there!

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Something I dislike about Magic Earth is that you can’t look for anything on the map until you download the map of the area. For example I just wanted to check where Williamburg, Virginia was located but I don’t live in the US and I’m not going to download the full USA map just for that information :- :upside_down_face:
Edit: Just tried Organic Maps. I like it a lot. It’s fast and I could find Williamsburg quickly! And it’s a company from Estonia! No idea why /e/ insists on using Magic Earth.

Magic Earth supports live traffic updates I believe

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If you don’t want to download map data I recommend using

Organic maps also makes use of OSM data.

Like stated at my first post above, Magic Earth is the best bet regarding personal data collection and traffic info/rerouting.

Yes, I don’t see any alternative to Magic Earth and after using it for a while I started to like it’s car-navigation functionality a lot. The offline storage of maps is great, especially for travellling.

When I plan a trip, I usually look up my destination online on other maps, then transfer the address to magic earth, mark it with a star and save it that way. Or access a contact’s address directly in Magic Earth. Next day, when i actually do the trip, I either search my star on the map or use the “last searched” drop down, that’s a quick way to access various places that are important momentarily.

For general map-curiosity (where’s this country, where’s this city?) I am using OsmAnd App. It’s great for many purposes, but not for driving-navigation.

I’ve updated Magic Earth via Aurora App Store (as App Lounge didn’t offer to). It works better now, I think (after just a few tests, no thorough usage)