Magic earth update

How do i update Magic Earth?

It is a system app and gets updated as part of a system update…OTA update.


When i open the “Magic Earth”-app, the following message is shown: “This app version is not compatible with the latest maps. Please install the latest app version to make sure that you can use the latest maps.”

Currently, i am using the magic earth version
The version of the maps is 7.382.

How could i solve it? What do you suggest?

The next dev build should have the update. The current version on a test build I have is slightly ahead

I have same map version : 7.389 but still not updated maps … When MagicEarth opened, it shows old map more than one month old (openstreetmap is updated). How could we navigate with this app if there is several changes in roads making … Definitively not reliable

Well, Magic Earth copyright OpenStreetMap maps … Weird !!!

	Copyright�� 2017-2020 General Magic2#

Release date�

Edit : obtained with cat file.cmap