Magnetophone / Voice and screen recorder

I tried the “Magnetophone” today to record voice for more than 1/2 h. It produced a big wav file and I can’t find where it is on my phone. I just can share it via mail or bluetooth.
I can’t find setings for this app. I have two questions :

  • Is it possible to know where recorded files are stored ?
  • Is it possible to record in a free and compressed format like OggVorbis ?

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I don’t know this app and can’t find on f-droid.
If it is a ‘normal’ recorder have you tried Audio Recorder or Dictofon from f-droid ?

Just tried it, my file is in /Music/SoundRecords of my phone’s storage.

On my phone (/e/ Pie testing) app “Recorder” is org.lineageos.recorder.
I think it would display as “Magnétophone” in French ?

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It does.
I’m astonished not to have found my files when I looked for them.
Thank your for answering my question.

Hi all,

I made a record today but I could see the wav file in the Music/Soundrecorder directory only after I rebooted my phone. This could explain that…