Mail client not working. Alternative?

The mail client has not worked since installation (this afternoon!). “Mail keeps stopping” is the only notification.
I would like to configure K9Mail to work with rainloop but I cannot see what settings to use. Any suggestions?

I also experienced this last week when I tried to add a 4th account to the original mail client.
The app stops and the account is never configured.
I gave it up since is not really necessary to me at this point but K9Mail is supposed to work with multiple identities (as stated in their own website) so I don’t understand.

Here is the issue you’re facing to follow the progress. It’s currently being resolved. An update should be out mid December if no complication :

Here are IMAP configuration settings for :

(If you’re login to your /e/ account (in account management), try to logout and see if Mail starts).

I know this issue when adding a none account under ‘sccounts’ → /e/. Or in setup on first boot.

Another thing happened just now: I received a push notification and clicked on the Delete button, a pop-up screen showed up to confirm and when I clicked Yes nothing happened.
The option Mark as read did nothing at all and the Reply option worked.
But the push notification kept there!
I’ve had to slide it aside for it to vanish.
Let us wait for this:

UPDATE: just now, it worked the way it should; I could delete a message using the push notification shortcut.

I have been using Librem Mail, another FLOSS fork of K-9 maintained by Purism, and it works tolerably well. I am using it as a client for my /e/ account, my work MS Exchange account, and my gmail account. I haven’t really used it in push mode much, but that seems to work fine. The main thing I have noticed is that my polling doesn’t really seem to happen on schedule. I am guessing this is either a bug or a mis-configuration of power-saver or something. Hasn’t bothered me much. At any rate, it looks and operates almost the same as K-9 and the /e/ mail app, but (on my phone at least), it works better.

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