Mail notification not working

Just finished installing and setting up /e/

All app notifications are permitted. I setup mail to enable notifications.

Yet, I get nothing in the status bar when I receive an email.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Thank you


there is a bug with Mail and notification on the 0.11 version that will be solved with the 0.12 update.

More info:

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Thank you for the info.

This issue is not resolved with e-0.12-p-2020102981459-dev-FP2 and IMG-e-0.12-p-2020102981459-dev-FP3, at least not for me.

And does the synchronization occurs correctly in background?

See here to know why I’m asking this.

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Yes, mail syncing works, only the notifications are missing, with all notification settings being go.

The issue is resolved for me with IMG-e-0.12-q-2020111084008-dev-FP3.

For me, the issue remains after uprgrading /e/ from Android 9 to Android 10. [begin edit] I can’t switch off e-mail notifications. [end edit]
I use a Fairphone 3.
/e/ build: e_FP3-userdebug 10 QQ3A.
200805.001 eng.root.20211027.184504
dev-keys,stable release

In Settings → Apps → E-Mail → Notifications, the following two buttons are greyed out [begin edit] and set to “on” [end edit]: “display notifications” and " mail_channel" [translations from the German].

Why is that so and how can either I myself or the developers fix it?

Thanks in advance and best regards


Did you try to play with Notification from within Mail app (Settings from main screen) ?

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The issue of this topic here was that mail notifications weren’t working.
If you can’t stop them working that would be the opposite and a bit confusing. A new topic for this might be better.

Seconded. The Mail App has its own notification settings in the App, because notifications can be fine-tuned there in a way the general system settings can’t handle.