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I would like to ask people who developed our site to make it better. Make it load faster, reduce resource consumption, fix bugs (e.g if you open console in Firefox you can see messages like "The non-standard “zoom” property is used on this page. Try using calc () in the appropriate property values or use “transform” along with “transform-origin: 0 0” or “This site appears to be using a scroll-related positioning effect. This may not work very well with asynchronous panning; see for more information and to join the discussion on related tools and features!”). Another thing you can do is to delete duplicates, fix broken links (for example this:, update copyrights, add “News” or “Blog” tab where people can read all articles written by /e/ staff. I hope my message will be useful and my suggestions will be taken into account.

Do you man with ‘our’ site the main web page ?

If yes, than it would be the best, to contact direct and become a web developer for

Yes, i mean web site. I’m not a developer at all, so I can’t do anything. My message is actually an informataion for developers who created the site.

@Manoj could you pls address ?

Hi @blackpoint you can raise the point shared above in a bug on gitlab. I can mark it as improvement and have it assigned to the website team.
There is an updated website in the works.
Some of these issue with site are being addressed so putting them all in a bug and assigning it to the team will help push it further.

This makes sense. I got quite confused when I tried to change my /e/ account password–I can’t find the reset button. And the post editor on firefox mobile has a bug that makes input harder.

Hi @Manoj. Thanks for your information.

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