Many useful apps are not recognising google account

I use Solid Explorer, SMS Backup and Restore etc. Both of these apps are not recognising my google account. As a result, I am not able to connect my gdrive in solid explorer, I also have purchased the full version of it but it’s not detected. The SMS Backup Restore cannot backup my calls and sms. Is there any fix? What should I do?

EDIT1: I recently tried to use Paytm. But it’s not fully working, mainly the wallet is working, the Payments Bank part of it is not working. As much I know it uses the Android Webview implementation for that thing to work. Once I tried to replace android webview with bromite webview but the same thing didn’t work then too. So, that might be the case. And if so any fix?

I use SMS Backup and Restore without a Google account. I set it to back up to my SD Card. If you aleady have backups on your Google Drive, then you can copy them across from a PC (or maybe via the browser) to somewhere on your phone, and tell SMS B&R to restore from there.

Once you’ve done that, if you need to backup to the cloud, then set it to backup to your eCloud.

I want to use e cloud, but how can I set so, to auto upload the backup files in my ecloud storage? Also what about the banking apps? Paytm, Phonepe both are marked as working by the e-community, but I think that’s partial, none of those are fully working, specifically the upi options are not working.

Hi @soumyatheman welcome to the /e/ forum.

Also what about …

If you are looking for a device which runs “just like Google” /e/ sadly may not be for you.

Many who might be able to answer your points really don’t want Google.

All the bells and whistles may not work; many things like SMS backup&restore will work with a little attention to detail.

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Apps I have mentioned are listed as working in this community forum. I request you to recheck my questions and points.

Sorry to bother, but Paytm and Phonepe is working now. Thanks for all your help. Please try to make all the apps work asap. Thanks again

Thanks for the update. Apropos SMS Backup & Restore; I do not auto upload the backup files in my ecloud storage, I do it manually. As you know the backup is
in 2 x .xml files.

As one starts to play with ecloud one finds things quite selective.

Once I employed NextCloud app to automate things BUT I found that it tended to interfere with /e/ sync. With experimentation I ran NextCloud alongside /e/ sync, but in the end I just use manual for this “important” item! :slight_smile:

Solid Explorer is a real pain in the ***. It is, in my opinion, far and way beyond all other file explorers and I use the paid version and paid add-ons too. But there is NO WAY to get it running. I would happy to pay for it again (gor example via PayPal) but after 6 or 7 emails to them I’ve given up. They just do not reply at all. Not once. Only the standard email ‘read our FAW and if your problem is not there we’ll contact you’. That just doesn’t happen. I do not use socials so I have no other way to contact them. I switched to another explorer in the end, but I’m not happy with it.

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