Maps / Magic Earth is gone with update

I have not used the navigation feature of Maps / Magic earth for a while. Now i needed it but i realized that the app has gone with the last update e-0.11-n-2020082970471-dev-i9300.

See also this following thread:

It is probably du to the system image size out of space when building full /e/ nougat version for old devices since March 2020.
To success, we have to sacrifice something, the dev team have chosen the maps app,
YOU CAN ADD IT. Intalling from an apps store

Thanks piero. On F-Droid there is no Magic Maps. From another apps store is this then ungoogled? :wink:

This app was great to have with /e/. Sad that it is gone.

You can find it In the /e/apps store
You can find it also in the aurora store that you can find in the F-Droid store
It is the same application