Mark post as solution

Hi !

From this post from @Mickey, could this feature added to our forum ?

Thanks :pray:

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This suggestion had come up some time back as well. Resolution needed installing a plugin…there were some concerns on the part of the tech team which I do not recall. Will check again and get back if it can be done.


A plugin which allows you to mark a response as correct should be visible now… The person creating the topic should be able to set it. This is the plugin we added


Yes ! It works ! :star_struck:
Thank you @manoj ! :clap:


a disadvantage of the plugin is - after a solution is accepted the author/board can close/lock the thread? sometimes a bit of feedback is still nice, despite a solution having been found

(I still like the plugin as it helps to navigate in a long thread!)

Maybe maybe not…there can be multiple solutions to the problem so what worked for the author may not work for some one and so on. Anyway it is a good plugin that much is for sure.

to clarify, I think the plugin should left the thread open by default, if this is possible

As a newbie I don’t know how valuable my opinion is, but I couldn’t agree more. Leaving threads open by default greatly improves forum quality.

While it seems my first post was closed manually, rather than automatically, it happened just minutes after an answer was marked as being the solution. I have a hard time understanding why closing the possibility to add information to any topic can be desirable. Why one would want it to be mandated to create new threads in order to follow up on existing topics is absolutely beyond me.

The signal I got from having my thread speedily and forcefully closed, is that while I might be welcome as a visitor, the culture around here is not to invite anyone to stay around. I hope and believe that that’s not actually the intended message, but that is how I perceived it.

Sorry if this can be considered a deviation from the topic. From my perspective it is relevant and important enough to be mentioned in this context. I definitely do not expect any replies, causing the entire thread to shift focus.

uh no I actually was one of the users asking Manoj for the plugin. the /e/ forum is great stay around :slight_smile:

The post is marked open again.

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Thank you @Manoj for reopening that thread!

Rest assure @tcecyk, there’s no risk I would be giving up that easily. Although I do have enough life experience to understand that many might, and that those would likely also be individuals not bothering to give any feedback.