Maximum length for texts (SMS)


I use the standard SMS app “Message” (well, a version that might be a little outdated, 3.6.4), and I was wondering what is the maximum length of a SMS.

I am wondering it, as I tried to send a very long SMS (data connection was off, so possibility that a MMS could be sent), and I repeatedly received a message warning that a large number of SMS were about to be sent. Although I accepted, the message I could see in the app is “Sending…” and, as it is still there, I understand that the message is too long to be sent.
What is the limit? Does it depend on the OS or the carrier?

Thank you in advance

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To set the number of SMS (a big message will count as multiple SMS) that can be sent without the need to confirm, go into Settings > Security > Trust. That’s where you will find this security feature.


Great! Thanks a lot! I will try it!

… and it worked!
At least the long SMS is no longer showing “Sending” as for the previous trials, and in the message details there is clearly the “Sent:” date and time… but I have not received any reply yet (perhaps the SMS was to long to read :smiley:

Thank you very much @Anonyme


Theoretically 160 characters, but if you exceed it it will usually be split in multiple messages.