(maybe outdated) eDrive debug attempt

NB 1 : this is my personal experience only !
NB 2 : unless specified, commands are to be run in adb root shell

Get Observer/scanner job ID

dumpsys jobscheduler foundation.e.drive => get job ID from “DeviceIdleJobsController”
Ex. #u0a91/3310 from u0a91: foundation.e.drive RUNNABLE => my job ID is 3310

Run it

cmd jobscheduler run -f foundation.e.drive xxxx (replace xxxx with job ID)
Should reply with “Running job [FORCED]”.

Watch it

(you may use a separate shell for this one)
logcat -C *:d|grep -i -E "observerservice|owncloudclient|operationmanagerservice"

Common messages from ObserverService

  • “There is no Internet connexion.” : don’t be shy, connect to the world ! May work better with WiFi anyway …
  • “Delay between now and last call is too short” : please cool down, go take a beer and come back later
  • “OperationManagerService is still performing some operation” : this one is interesting ! If you don’t see anything else talking on log AND no Internet traffic on your phone (handy to have a traffic indicator on top status bar), then OMS has gave up on you. You can confirm by checking OMS in /data/data/foundation.e.drive.shared_prefs/preferences.xml. Simply reboot your phone and retry !

Weird message from OMS

  • “OperationManagerService: DownloadFileOperation => invalid_overwrite :” (likely to be followed by an explanation) : allow the sync process a second attempt, if it fails again check both files (phone and cloud) …

They killed Kenny

if you see something like “ActivityManager: Waited long enough for: ServiceRecord{dd6dc79 u0 foundation.e.drive/.services.OperationManagerService}”, then OMS may have been killed :frowning:. If sync appears frozen, better reboot.

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(nice touch with invoking e.drive via the jobscheduler)

I debugged into e.drive half a year ago and as OperationManagerService handles the sync tasks it’s where non recoverable exceptions occur. Some exceptions got fixed/handled since, but as rana.narin is currently doing a refactor, you could follow his development. Improve eDrive reliability (&64) · Epics · e · GitLab will reference currently attached tickets where you can get debug builds early and test before general release.

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Thanks ! It took me some time to figure it out.

And also thanks for the epic, I subscribed and started to read some issues, very interesting ! :slight_smile:
Hopefully will /e/ team find some time to work on this …