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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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What happened? What have you done wrong?

I think because of my critism about the /e/ own APP-Store app.
And because I do not always sing the praises, but also address the negative sides.

Or it is just an bug, but I cannot believe it.

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maybe it is more about the way you communicate you view. not everyone might be happy with it, and also i think it is some automatical thing, as soon as you have reached too many posts flagged by users it demotes you…


I think there has to be a valid reason to flag the posts or at least a notification so that the user can be aware of.

Pl do not use the forum to post your personal and unsubstantiated views about /e/ . If you have any facts to prove your allegations against the OS or its application pl share the same. Do not use the forum to create post without any valid basis. In case you do not like the OS you are free to switch to other options available on the web.

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Manoj, you are absolutely right. I commend improvement. I will no longer criticize and only speak well.
Excuse me.
I will work my way back up from novice to legitimate user. Punishment must be.
I will keep anything negative that I notice to myself and not share it in the community. I will no longer criticize. Only positive and help.

When posting about issues validate them with actual facts …for example Nervuri found some issues in the App store and shared them with the developers. That is the type of feedback that helps a forum and /e/OS grow. That is what everyone looks forward to and appreciates.

Alter… Manoj simply asks you to back your claims and write constructive comments instead of just pointing out what’s wrong in your opinion. This is an enthusiast community and we’re here to follow the progress. Also, we’re kind of beta testers. The OS isn’t finished and there’s a team that’s happy about constructive feedback.

The community sent you a message with flagging your posts

If you’re throwing a tantrum now you didn’t get the message at all. Your input is valuable, just think about how you communicate.

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I got a lot of messages that a lot of posts are flagged as SPAM. One Minute later all flags are removed again.
My inbox is overflowing right now. Feels like a dDoS attack.

So, how can I help you? I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me. Sorry…

I had the trust level Member, but now only Editor again.
Cannot reply more then twice a day. Cannot attach something …I have no rights anymore…

Scroll through old posts, and you’ll see lots and lots of “dimmed” user names - the sign of suppression. Wear your badge of honor proudly.

that’s what happens when you’re not on track. when you criticize, when you don’t just praise…

Follow the numbers. If you’re not committed to promoting th/e/m, you’re against them. It happens again and again.

So to all. Always be good or you will be punished like me. WITHOUT getting a message about it. It just happens in the background. No contacting. Nothing

Of 7770 forum accounts
there are 3881 basic
and only 189 members

I don’t know why. I don’t know the intension why this forum don’t want to have more members. It is very hard to get a member. And if you fall backist is even harder to almost impossible.

You can say whatever you like here, just do it in a constructive and polite way, like you would in normal life.


@kisman172, I have been affected twice by similar IMO incorrect flagging of several of my posts as spam by “the community”.

Did you possibly complete the initial “course” by discobot which is intended to introduce you to Discourse and get you the first badges? My gut feeling is that by creating several messages during this process which

  • look identical to messages by other people (which have completed the course)
  • contain just a link or an image

you not only earn badges but maybe also some score as potential spammer. Note: I do not know any Discourse internals, this is just a wild guess. However, this might be the reason why completely harmless and IMO compliant posts get erroneously flagged…

Here is more information, Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

@aibd Thank you for that pointer. It is not that I consider Discourse trust levels a weird thing in general or something which is hard to understand. I use and contribute to several different Discourse based forums. However, the /e/ forum is the only of them which quite frequently mis-characterizes posts as spam – not just some of my posts; several others are apparently affected from this, too.

It is kind of frustrating that for instance a “thank you” post containing a link to an official /e/ image on the official /e/ server is considered “spam”; and that this mis-characterization not only automatically hides that but also several other (similarly harmless) post in one instance.

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