Message app MMS notification

Hi there,

I used to use Silence as my sms app. When data is switched off and I receive a MMS, Silence displays a notification saying that a MMS was received. Once 4G/3G is activated, the MMS will be downloaded and displayed.

This doesn’t seem to work with message app. If data is switched off, there is no way for me to know that somebody send me a MMS and that I need to activate data to retrieve it.
Is there a way to change this ??

Cheers to all !

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Solved by upgrading to 0.22-r-beta version (android 11) : first time I received a MMS with 4G switched off, android asked me if I wanted to activate an option allowing sending/receiving MMS while data was not active.
I did, and it works.
The option can be found in parameters → Network and Internet → Mobile network and is called MMS (names translated from French, might not be perfectly accurate).

Hope this helps someone later :wink: