Message app. settings reset after system update

It’s about the 2nd or third time (since early 2019 December) that I experience the total loss of my stock Message App. settings (last update to 0.7-o-2019122435222-dev-star2lte).

Not a big deal by the way (only a theme color and 2 or 3 contacts specific notification sounds), but not very nice :slight_smile:

On a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9+ (not from /e/ phone store) that works like a charm.

Yep, noticed the same on the Axon 7 and Essential phones running Nougat builds since last month. A minor annoyance but definitely odd behavior having an app reset like that.
I suppose next step is to open an issue on GitLab.

Well, not reproduced on le last 2 updates … but may be the Mail app was not updated then ?

Let’s see what happens next time.