Messaging from a computer

Is there a messaging app that supports connecting to a computer and reading/composing text messages on the computer? I’m looking for something that is reasonably compatible with the /e/ philosophy, of course. I’ve gotten very used to that feature in the goolag messaging app…

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Why don’t use telegram? It’s available for every OS

Why not telegram: 'cause everyone here is on SMS, and businesses send me SMS alerts, not telegram messages…

Ah ok, you are talking about SMS. That was not clear, sorry. I thought you are talking about a messenger.
So if you are talking about SMS, you can use Signal. It’s also available for most OS and on eOS you can use it as default SMS app.

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Yes, Signal can handle the sms on the phone, and you can also connect a desktop device to that account, but I remember that you cannot read sms from the computer but only the signal network encrypted messages.

Maybe you can try (but really I don’t know it) this app on the /e/ store, that works via Matrix:

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pulse does this for SMS
for data messaging: Element, Telegram, or any of the many XMPP apps

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Thanks for pointing to pulse, looks exactly like what I need!

Sadly it looks like one can’t sign up for a Pulse account without a true goolag phone… Using microG when I choose the plan it just does nothing…

Using /e/ phone OTB (without any added app), I tested 2 methods :

  • using scrcpy with adb-over-WLAN : works very well, but needs some manual steps to get it run (as activating adb over WLAN); easier with adb-over-USB
  • /e/ Cloud “Phone Sync” app (should be available for everyone, soon …) : works fine but slowly (have to wait a SMS sync), needs some steps to start a conversation (phone number retrieval), easy for answers. No MMS !