Messy catalog in Apps for newbie

Hi there,
just discovering /e/ on my FP2 today and it’s amazing. Thank you folks, it’s amazing to know this device is not attached to Google!

One feedback though, it struck me how messy is the Apps repository. If I search let’s say for “Messenger”, which is an app most people would want (debate about fb aside), then I get many apps with the same icons and for anyone not very savvy it’s very easy to fall in the trap. Messenger app by Facebook is a few scroll down… And it’s similar with many very well-known app.

Is it planned to have a cleaned catalog in the future? At this point I wouldn’t let a regular user go in Apps without some warning before as it can be very deceptive.

Hope it helps, cheers


I think this post is a discussion about your thoughts
POLL: Should e-apps store incl. 'unsafe' apps?

Hi, thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, /e/ doesn’t plan to have a messy Apps Store :yum:
Actually the Apps Store is an important point for /e/ so yes of course it will be better. May take some time though.

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Thanks for your answers. I understand you can’t do everything at the same time but I don’t really feel secure with this app store for the moment. As an example, I need to download an app from my bank in order to check my account on mobile… How can I be sure app is not corrupted in any way? (Please, don’t give me a solution that could only be made by a tech savyy.)

use Aurora store and you will get the same apk as you will get via Play Store

Thanks for you answer. So you mean that the App store installed by default on /e/ is not safe?

Sure it is, but it has some bugs in the moment

What kinds of bugs?
Also, I prefer explanation than quick answer. Why can I trust the apps store please?

Apps are not all actual, download/install is often nit working. You will find a lot posts here in forum regarding the issues

Arf :confused: I discovered meanwhile Aurora thanks to you, this looks great! Why don’t they use that? But still my question remains : how can I trust these appstore to serve the official apk?

I don’t know how I can explain it better. Aurora is a downloader of original google play store apk’s. Absolute NO difference

Checked a bit more info about Aurora and finally understood :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the info @harvey186 though it doesn’t answer why e foundation is trying to rebuild that when there’s such opportunity. Would love to understand a bit more why that. Meanwhile, I’ll stick with F-Droid and Aurora :slight_smile:

A good OS does not depend on 3rd party app stores, what if Aurora goes down?

But from what I understand, Aurora is connected directly to Google Play Store. It just allows to tap into it without having a Google account which is why we’re here, right? So Aurora cannot really go down, unless playstore goes down, am I right?

And what happens when the sky is falling on our heads :thinking: :rofl: :joy:

yes, you can download apps from play store without a google account

Aurora does not work very often (anonymous login). And using a Google account is somewhat paradoxical what we are trying to achieve here.

Since latest version from f-droid it works perfect without google account. After every start it’s creating a new token. Since around 4 weeks it never stops working. It’s very stable