Messy catalog in Apps for newbie

Hi there,
just discovering /e/ on my FP2 today and it’s amazing. Thank you folks, it’s amazing to know this device is not attached to Google!

One feedback though, it struck me how messy is the Apps repository. If I search let’s say for “Messenger”, which is an app most people would want (debate about fb aside), then I get many apps with the same icons and for anyone not very savvy it’s very easy to fall in the trap. Messenger app by Facebook is a few scroll down… And it’s similar with many very well-known app.

Is it planned to have a cleaned catalog in the future? At this point I wouldn’t let a regular user go in Apps without some warning before as it can be very deceptive.

Hope it helps, cheers


I think this post is a discussion about your thoughts
POLL: Should e-apps store incl. 'unsafe' apps?

Hi, thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, /e/ doesn’t plan to have a messy Apps Store :yum:
Actually the Apps Store is an important point for /e/ so yes of course it will be better. May take some time though.

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