MicroG and signature forgery

The ““forgery of signature in ROM /e/OS”” ,and exclusively for MicroG, how can we understand this scenario in relation to security, privacy.I wouldn’t ask this question in other scenarios or other Androids because in the ““efoundation “” project advanced privacy is set as the main flag.I don’t believe in privacy 100%, security 100% but in the good will to fight them and for that alone we have to congratulate”” the efoundation “”.We cannot see “” any Google server, any bigtech or “” others “”“” as a real threat, real collection of important or massive information if we think like this we will not leave the place no we give nothing therefore we have nothing.

The minimum of data or the minimum connection will be necessary, fundamental, functional and in this way the unsuspecting, inexperienced user wanting privacy at all cost will have it all broken and go back to crank times.Balance is perhaps the most correct word between security, privacy, usability…be careful with your questions!!

Please, always when answering me, don’t be a superman, substantiate your answer, point out references, documentation so that I can ““validate”” your answer.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Signature Spoofing is used so that that proprietary Google Play Services library bundled in apps that depend on Play Services will think microG is the real Play Services.

microG does not replace/alter the proprietary library in apps hence spoofing is necessary.

I checked out the microG developer and his explanation and I also appreciate his and his insight, microG knowledge is pretty much the same knowledge I have.And precisely I try to better clarify the issue not as a “neurotic” but as a conscious, sensible citizen.Unfortunately I always look for project documentation and I have a lot of information from efoundation but I found myself in this question of ““signature forgery”” being a stage or not, ease or not “” for better infiltration of malicious codes or applications.Well I expect more information from others or references but still…thanks!

But I make it clear that we are not going to be neurotic about privacy and security, we have to be balanced.

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