microG permissions

Hi everyone

Maybe a stupid question, but: I have seen that microG has by default permission to contacts, memory, location and phone. What does it need these permissions for and under what circumstances can I disable them? I want to minimize all permissions as far as possible.

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Hi Dimitri,

this is a very pertinent question, but one to which it is difficult to find a certain answer.

Anyway, I did a little experiment:
I reactivated Microg that I had disabled because it wasn’t needed, and I left it only the location grant;
then in the microg settings themselves I deactivated everything, except the location backends;
and finally I reinstalled google maps (that doesn’t work without microg enabled) and it seems to work correctly.

Of course, it’s not sure that I continue to use google maps, but I also have the desire to understand how microg works, since it talks to google in a certain way, and also since it’s active by default in /e/ .

I also wrote on the support telegram group (t.me/microg), and they give me a link on Reddit for this topic

I can’t tell you more, I’m sorry!


Hi Claudio
Thank you for your help!