Microphone Mic and Charging Problems FP4 /e/ OS 1.0

Hello, I have significant problems with my /e/ OS on my Fairphone 4. Installed is stable 1.0 from May 26.

1st problem:

During a call the person opposite can almost not hear me, voice quality is very poor. If you switch to speaker, so loud, then the microphone quality is considerable, but not much better. VoLTE function is off (does not appear at all in the settings), WLAN calls are also off.

I have the same problem when making calls via Telegram or sending voice and video messages on Telegram / Whatsapp.

Several fast charging power supplies cause the screen to stay on while charging, so charging is always interrupted briefly. Is this a hardware defect?

thank you!

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Did you ever got this resolved?
I am having similar problems. Voice breaking up during calls. With and without wifi. The person on the other end I can hear well without problems

Fairphone 4 with v1.11