MIUI Camera Port on Mi 8

Is it possible to use the “ANXCamera-A MIUI Camera Port for AOSP-Based ROMS!” on /e/ ?

I think it goes against the idea of a project (not open-sourced, perhaps leaks your data). In addition, the method by which it is deployed is quite invasive (TWRP/Magisk instead of .apk) and previously (or still?) even led to bootloop in response to OTA updates.

Instead, I recommend you to try the latest Goolag Camera mods from THIS developer. They work very well on Xiaomi SD845 platform (best of all, probably), just make sure Sabre is enabled in settings. But don’t forget to wipe its cache and data before first start and cut it off from the network because of Goolag trackers inside.

Thanks for the reply. I tried GG Cam from here but was not sure if that was the max quality.
Will try your link. How do you cut off from net in /e/ ?

I’m now using san1ty’s F1 Cam Port with very good results on the Mi 8 and found the setting to block net from a app but the Cam port doesn’t seem to connect anyway :sunglasses:

I don’t recommend San1ty’s F1. This mod has the Auto White Balance settings hidden and seems to be always on. This leads to unpredictable results depending on the conditions and can ruin the shot.
Still advise to use the latest version from Parrot, set the AWB profile to “Pixel 3” and turn it on manually when you are indoors.

How to cut off from network please. To disable goohle trackers. Step by step like I’m stupid would be amazing. Thanks

You can disconnect from net in Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage > App data usage
Chose the app and disable all data options.
Another way is to use Blokada from app store (no root required).

Ahh. Simples then. Give that a try now.
Only other issues is low mic on Bluetooth calls. Cambridge audio melomania.
You want to be my hero with an easy fix for that :wink: