MMS non-photo attachments

The default messenger app in /e/OS does not allow attaching files other than photos. Additionally, it does not allow browsing for photos outside of the initial directory.

I also tried browsing to the pdf file in the File app, and clicking Share. However only email was available as a choice.

How can I configure the ability to attach any file to an MMS message?

Thank you…

It can’t be done either in the default Message app, or in the QKSMS app from which it is forked.

Others have recommended Simple SMS Messanger app. I have just installed it and had a quich play. It seems to do what you want: it appears when you choose to share

  • contacts
  • files of pretty much any type
  • music tracks
  • the text of emails (as SMS, not MMS)

Worth a try I think

Thanks petefoth!

I installed Simple SMS, and it does allow any kind of attachment.

Thanks so much!

I’m also thinking about swapping out the launcher. It seems like Bliss also has some of these restrictions on where files can be opened/accessed. I’ve been running straight lineageOS for a long time, so I may try to install their Trebuchet launcher.

Sadly you won’t be able to use Trebuchet, as it is already installed, but disabled from being used as Home screen / Launcher (Long depressing story, and it won’t be fixed any time soon.)

But there are a number of other available Launchers:
Open Launcher and Lawnchair 2 are both similar to Trebuchet

I have been using Pulse