Mobile connection drains 70% battery per hour

Today, something really worrying happened: My Fairphone 3 lost 70% of battery within one hour due to mobile connection (but not cellular data). I’ve already opened a Gitlab issue.

Has anyone else noticed something like that? Can I do anything about it?

For reference, here’s the content of said Gitlab issue:

/e/ version: 1.6-s-20221201239247-dev-FP3
Device model(s): Fairphone 3
Device rooted: no

I just picked my phone up after a quite while (a few hours) of not using it, and noticed it wasn’t turned on anymore (I hadn’t shut it down). After re-booting, I noticed EXTREME battery drain.

At 2:37 the battery was at 90% (ninety).

At 2:58 it was at 58% (fifty-eight).

That means, within 19 minutes, the battery lost 32%, which is insane. That means, it loses ca. 1.7% every single minute!

I did not do anything unusual, only one or two apps were running in the foreground, nothing was being downloaded, the device was inside at room temperature (ca. 20°C = 68°F).

According to the battery settings, the mobile network connection is responsible for draining nearly 70% of the battery. Though, the cellular data connection (a.k.a. 4G) has been disabled since the re-boot, and the device was only been connected to my WiFi.

It’s currently 3:08, and my FP3 is at 48%. According to the system settings, the battery will last only 6h 48min. I see myself forced to auto-enable extreme battery saving mode at 75% from now on.

By the way: The “battery manager” has been turned on since sideloading Android 12.

It’s currently 3:41, and the battery is at 20%, meaning it has lost 70% within one hour. According to the system settings, it will last only 2h 25min anymore (despite having enabled extreme battery saving mode at 48%).

Looking at your screenshot, I can see an exclamation point on your 2 SIM.
I’d try to solve this, maybe it’s the cause of the battery drain…

Those exclamation marks have been there since Android 11, and they only mean that there’s “no automatic connection via cellular data”, according to the system settings.

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Correct GitLab link:

I had to re-open the issue because the mobile connection is again responsible for 24% of the battery drain which has reached a staggering 14% per hour.