Monster Legends and other games don't work

When i try to play ‘Monster Legends’ (on my s9+) it says: to benefit from all the ‘Monster Legends’ features, go to the settings and accept all permissions’ (not exactly that, but approximately…) and I can’t play because in settings, there are no permissions to accept… i hope you see this, cuz my friends all are on lvl. 150 or so…
have a nice day,

Hi @ElphiasDodge welcome o the /e/ forum. I do not know Monster Legends, so I looked it up here

As well as all the trackers, notice how under Permissions we even see some with this warning:

The icon :exclamation: indicates a ‘Dangerous’ or ‘Special’ level according to Google’s protection levels.

This is quite a lot of things which would potentially conflict with /e/ !

Oh god i didnt know that, thanks! (i’ll just play other games)
have a great day,