Moto E versions

Hi all. After lots of crazy run around with the place that broke my screen, I managed to get service from another carrier, who also gave me a free phone. I now have a moto E phone, and under the info it states that the phone is a moto e5 cruise, which is currently running android 8, aka oreo.

I know that oreo isn’t supported yet, that that will be part of the 0.2 release of /e/. The list of supported devices does state the moto E, however, I’m assuming that my current version of the phone, with oreo on it, won’t be compatible if I try to flash it, unless the phone allows for backwards compatibility for an older operating system.

Can someone confirm this, so that I don’t end up trying to flash my new phone in a way that’s not compatible? I don’t mind waiting for the 0.2 version of /e/ to come out, but I wanted to make sure before trying to flash it and have things not work.

The older Nexus 5 that I was working with had intermittent service, and the phone app kept crashing earlier today if I tried to make a call or open the app, before I switched carriers. I’m not certain if this was due to the operating system on my phone, or the carrier and its terrible service. The phone app worked a few days ago, but there are voicemails on it that I wasn’t able to retrieve today. A few days ago, I was able to access the voicemail, so I’m not sure if this was due to the operating system or the poor service and its inability to download the voicemails appropriately.

Hi @veeve01 you are right. The current official beta builds will not work on oreo devices. As you may be aware you could ‘brick’ your phone by flashing an incompatible build. The team is working towards coming out with oreo compatible builds in parallel with 0.1 defect fixes. For now as you mentioned you will have to wait.

Also, to add to @Manoj’s reply, the Moto E that /e/ currently supports is the Moto E 1st gen. If I am not mistaken, yours is the 5th generation. These are completely different devices, so irrespective of the Android version, the Moto e5 will need a separate build.

Yeah, I haven’t tried anything with the new phone. I got it for free, and it’s currently on a second line for me so not an essential phone at the moment.

I’ve been tied up with a few other things recently, but I’m hoping to have more time for this project shortly.