Moto G4 Plus Athene will not sync Contacts

Hi Experts,

I’m a noob here. Please forgive me if this has been answered or fixed. I installed the latest version of e on my Athene. Everything works great except I cannot get any of the contacts to sync.

I have tried:
Factory reset
Reinstall after complete wipe
Checksum the bits and download them again
Put my contacts in a google account and tried that
Added my email address and then chose the Microsoft account to sync contacts.

None of my efforts work. Do I have to be signed into an e. account to sync contacts? Or, is something else going on?

Note: Phone flashes other roms fine. No issues with contact sync in other roms.

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Hi, welcome in the community :slight_smile:

You want to sync your contacts between /e/ and what ?
(You want to sync right ? Not just import them ?)

I was trying not to use any /e/ account. Just get my contacts from a gmail or email account to import and sync after that. Neither gmail or outlook account would work. No error messages. Just nothing shows up after I put in my credentials. Even after waiting a day.