Moto Mods for Z Play and Z2 Play

Greetings. I have a Motorola Z2 Play alongside my personal favourite Moto Mods.

After checking this OS, I am interested in installing it on my Z2 Play. However, I do worried about its Moto Mods capability. Would I lose it if I installed this OS? I literally didn’t want to end up having a modular phone without the ability to use all the modular accessories.

I have e installed on my moto z play. The speaker mod is not usable with e :tired_face:
Anybody here who could suggest a way to install the required app?


I’m getting a second hand Z2 Play and would be interested too about the compatibility with the Mods - mostly with the battery mod and the projector one.

Thanks for your help!

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I have a Z2 play with eOS and my JBL Soudboost does not work. When I plug it, the speaker the system recognizes it, the speaker sends the plug in noise, and the music or vídeo sound are only audable by the phone speaker.
Any help? Thanks