Motorola G5 (cedric, XT1676)

I have got a Motorola G5 (cedric, XT1676).
Is there be chance of an (un)official build for this device in the future, too?

Edit: I know that montana / G5S is discontinued.

Unofficial builds for Lineage 17.1 / Android 10 are listed at XDA-developers, e.g.:
[ROM][10.0][UNOFFICIAL][ARM64] LineageOS 17.1
[ROM][EXCLUSIVE?][LINEAGE] Mint-OS - Lineage with extra Mint

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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On the first link, he posted the manifest he is using for this device on lineage-17.1

Need to wait /e/-Q to try it

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Thank you, I am definitely not in a hurry :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, I just ordered a cheap refurbished Motorola Moto G5 at on the online store, in order to replace one that just ended it’s life.

I would also like to see a /e/ ROM made available for this model.

After reading howto post a request, I have searched in the XDA forums and found they have stock firmwares, TWRP, and an unofficial LineageOS: (3 links on that pastebin, so being a new poster they don’t fit in directly).

Does all this help, in order to have a /e/ ROM coming out along with tools to ease the install?

Best regards,

PS: the original android version is Nougat 7.0, and the device is presented as compatible for Oreo 8.1 (at the “phonesdata dot com” presentation).

Another Moto G5 owner here who would like to flash /e/ on to it.

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Another vote for the Motorola G5 here. I have the single-SIM version - the XT1675, I believe.

Thank you.

According to LineageOS wiki, a single build should fit all G5.
Please try this.