Motorola Moto X Play - lux

Hi there, I’ve been trying to figure out if this device is supported but I’m confused since I found two lists where one included it but not the other one. Unfortunately while browsing the forums I’ve lost track of the links and only managed to recover this one, can anyone confirm if this is up to date?

And should it be supported, has anyone tried it? Are there any known issues at the moment? Moto X Play lux is no longer officially maintained by LineageOS, would that be a cause for /e/ to drop support for that particular device as well?

Thank you all, sorry if I’m misplacing this post…

Hi @PNJ88_Beast the link you have shared is updated and the latest list of officially supported devices. Devices are added to the list based on the number of user requests.
/e/ would not drop support for devices Lineage drops from its list.

Thank you @Manoj for such a quick response!

I’ll have a look at the documentation then and definitely give it a try as soon as I have a backup phone, just in case :slight_smile: And in that regard, are there any updates on the refurbished phones and when they’ll be available?