Moving from lineageos to e

I have been using lineageos for a few years, first 14.0, then 15.0 and now 16.0. As Android 10 has been released, it is estimated that lineageos 17.0 will be available for officially supported devices from April 2020.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, downloaded the e 0.7 version, copied it to my SD card and installed using TWRP, replacing lineageos 16.0

e looks good and I very much like the idea of ‘unGoogled’ Android or lineageos.
I’m looking forward to version 1.0 and like the daily updates.

I also have a Sumsung S5 (not this one I’m using now) but unfortunately the SM- G9001 does not a appear to be a supported model yet

Well, you know the daily updates from LineageOS. /e/ publishes updates 2-4 times per month, depending on the requirements, but never daily.

Since I know how this daily updates are created by LineageOS, my joy about it has decreased a lot. I don’t consider daily updates to be necessary.

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE International - "klte" /e/ for klte * dev (Pie) - supported models:

  • G900AZ/F/M/R4/R7/T/V/W8
  • S902L

Other models are not supported.