Multiple notes spontaneously created

At the time when I just received my new phone with oreo and configured automatic full data sync on ecloud, I observed a strange behaviour of the notes app. When I created notes, it sometimes occured that 10 to 50 empty notes were created.
The bandwith consumption of the full data sync quickly convinced me to turn it off.
Thing work better since I found the way to deactivate the files sync and the way to authorize only selected apps to sync their data.
I submit this experience to the people who manage default settings.

Hi @phayere this is an issue I am reading for the first time.
Pl can you raise a bug attaching a log generated after you get these multiple notes. That will help us debug the issue better.

Hi Manoj,
I’m not sure I want to reproduce that bug. The configuration was quite the original one.
If it happens again, I will see.

:slight_smile: just wanted to know why this is happening because such an issue has never been reported before for notes…to the best of my memory on this forum.
Anyway if it happens again do create a bug with a log.