Multiple problems on my OnePlus Nord (avicii)

Hey guys,

My apologies if I am not posting in the right category, as my ticket refers to several problems I was hesitating on which category I should pick. I am experiencing several problems with my OnePlus Nord.

Known issues

  • The fingerprint on my phone is not working (it never has, but I saw in the forum that a fix is in the works)
  • As other users said about other devices, I also see a degradation with the battery. Nothing really dramatic but it’s still significant. Turning the VPN in the Advanced Privacy settings helps save some juice.

OTA Update issues

  • I had to reinstall/flash the system because I couldn’t update to v1.0 via OTA (I could download the update file but I had an error in the installation process). I have not received a single OTA update since I moved to v1.0 in May, not even a monthly security update

Apps issues

  • On v1, App Lounge crashes every time I try to use it
  • Changing the colour in Styles (Settings > Styles and wallpapers) is not possible, I am stuck with the default blue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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