Murena Contacts on Web missing phone numbers

I think someone has lost their mind, probably it’s me, but when I went to add a contact in the online murena contacs app (…) there is no field for a phone number. Someone has lost their mind here.
That makes the app completely useless. My google contacts are full of useful data in the notes field, and I can access the same data on my phone as on the web.
Can someone explain why this app exists? Can I get online access to the phone contacts app?

That may be related to your account, it’s OK here:

Can you try the “Add more info” at bottom?
Also please note the “+” at right of field type, allowing you to create more fields for same type.

Wheh! Thanks for pointing out “Add More Info” at the bottom of the edit function.
For some reason Contacts did not import the phone numbers, that’s a bummer. It also did not import the Notes field, another bummer.

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