Murena photo deletion

Hello everyone,

I need some help!

As I did not want to have my photos on my Murena account, I decided to delete them all from it. Unfortunately, it also deleted all pictures from my phone. Do you know if there is anyway to fix that problem?

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Switch off the useless synchronization running in background. As long as the device is coupled with the Murena cloud you will never get rid of such problems.

I never had a problem with the photos on my device getting deleted like that. Very interesting… But anyways to fix your problem you can do what the person above said but to add more detail to it. You can stop the automatic syncing in the accounts section of your settings app however if you still want certain data to automatically sync I believe you can click on your murena account in settings and change what syncs individually. That’s what worked for me anyways. Sorry if I explained some of that incorrectly it’s been a while since I used that phone cause of personal hardware issues.

Thanks for your prompt answers!
I think I’m just going to delete my Murena Account. Before doing that, do you know if there is any way to retrieve the deleted pictures?

trash folder on murena io - if empty, “native android” doesn’t have a trash function - they’ll be gone

Ok. I lost all my pictures.

Do you know if there is any way to use /e/ OS without Murena ? I don’t want to use this service and when I try to disconnect my Murena account I get a scary warning message saying : “Deleting our account will delete all your messages, contacts and data from your phone”.

Thanks for your help!

sure you can use the phone without account. It should be made more obvious with “Skip” instead of “Next” (though it’s not really hidden either) - see screenshot at →

Just make a backup of your contacts as .vcf file and re-import to local phone addressbook when you diassociated the carddav account to murena. Text messages will stay on the phone.


Honestly this all made me think about the syncing by default and honestly maybe they should have something about that on setup and or account creation. Like e.g giving you the option to turn it off

We talked here already about that. The facts

  • that the user is not clearly informed that no Murena account is needed at all (so he normally makes one) and
  • that automatic synchronization of everything is then switched on by default

lead to a lot of unwanted behavior resulting in problems which must be fixed later. Especially that hundreds of MB of music files are pumped into the cloud where nobody needs them and where in many cases is not enough space is indeed idiotic.

That this decadent idea of pumping everything everywhere originally comes from Apple where the user doesn’t want to think about anything but truely wants all his stuff everywhere on his over-prized devices and that on the other hand an /e/ user has rather not several devices makes it even more senseless.

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It seems I am also a victim of not havjng known that I could have skipped registration. I am syncing all my photos, calendars and contacts with my own nextcloud. Today I discovered that all is also synced to Does it really delete all my photos locally when I will delete the account from my phone? Unfortunately I am even not able to login at Murena, all attempts to get a password reset sent failed. I really do not want them to keep all my private data.

I was ready to finally do that PR where I thought just switching from “Next” to “Skip” will communicate this only to find that this was already done 5 months ago. There’s also a longer help text you can hook into if you want to campaign for adding “Optional step”.

within onCreate() in src/org/lineageos/setupwizard/ code moved to use skip text string instead of next


(old, new)

not on account dissociation/deletion, but if you delete serverside at murena while still associated the deletions will back propagate to the device

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I have dealt with these cloud issues before but the content I deleted from the cloud did not affect the files on my device although now that I think about it this might be because I moved the files from the original directory on my device before deleting them in the cloud (I have a micro SD card so I tend to move files quite often) but to be honest while I do like murena services I really did not get a murena device for any of the default apps or services. I did just cause I did not want to attempt the process of installing a custom ROM (cause I did not have good experiences with doing so in the past) but having said that I do not like this idea of not having to think cause on a phone that’s supposed to encourage privacy, thinking is very crucial! And not bringing the automatic sync to the users attention immediately in my opinion not only hurts the idea of privacy as a whole but is also very inconvenient.

Good for you. I wasn’t when I was there almost two years ago. And I’m sure there are still many, many people who created their accounts and never wanted them.

I said it before precisely: the user is not clearly informed about that he doesn’t need this account and can live on without any problem. Only the case that you can create an account now is mentioned in that help text. What happens if you skip this is not explained. But as an experienced user of a lot of software you know that it is quite common that something will then not properly work when you don’t give it a damned online account, so skipping this is in many cases not a good idea. May be for an OS developer is this question clear, create or skip?, for an average user who sees this the first time it’s not.

much text is spilled in these threads. You can argument your case in the backlog (there’s no issue yet on how obvious it is to go with no account) or directly propose a PR. The string currently used for explanation in that setup wizard page sits at res/values/strings.xml · d4c7d56d · e / os / android_packages_apps_SetupWizard · GitLab

Yes, this is probably true. However, it should not be forgotten that the intention on the site is clear:

We felt that if we stopped at the OS, we were leaving many users without options for their emails and cloud storage, but to use proprietary solutions like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365. So our efforts to bring people to a more privacy-friendly environment would be in vain. Here is where the Murena cloud comes in.
And while ecloud has been developed as an extension of /e/OS, to let you have everything you need to get things done on the go from on your phone, this online suite can also be used without /e/OS.

For me, and this is only my opinion, (non-expert) users who want to switch to /e/OS (or to any other OS without google) don’t do it without a minimum of information.
This was my case and it is precisely because it offered a cloud service that I was more seduced by /e/OS (murena) than by LOS or Iodé or any other.
My reflection phase was quite long before I decided to go ahead.

But indeed, it is not clear enough that /e/OS can be used without a cloud account and you can miss the information quickly.

Perfectly agree on this point. It should be an opt-in, not an opt-out option. I think that when setting up the OS, at the first startup for example, simple explanatory windows with case by case activation should be proposed.

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The bold text above is also only one half. Sure you can use the cloud without /e/ but what about /e/ without it? This idea, /e/ without eCloud, seems somehow never been thought by anyone. Maybe it’s something like routine-blinded.

This entire site handles the eCloud and what you get with it and how many advantages it has, all good, but it doesn’t even mention the other case. I have read this carefully before because of my concerns about a cloud but resulted then in better the user has an account. And that this pumping indeed started by itself after I put some data on my device and I could watch the increasing number of MB in my data traffic was a serious sign for searching this account and finding out what can be switched off.

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really? 'it’s just pressing the Next (or now: Skip) button and you’re never bothered again. Last I checked it’s only the Notes app that is dysfunctional without an account, everything else has functionality without an account - Notes can't be used without /e/ account (#775) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Create that backlog issue to argue for better explanation of its optional nature at the /e/-account creation, I’m positive you’ll be heard, the idea of /e/ welcomes users going accountless, there’s no opposition