Murena Pixel 5 (US) - is it shipping?

Has anyone in the US ordered a Murena Pixel 5 – Refurbished? When did you order it? Has it shipped yet?

I ordered one on June 13, when the web page said “shipping from July 5”. Now it says “July 14”. Over a week ago, I was assured it would ship “later this week” (which is now in the past).

Hi @songdog checking with the team on this. Will update

Hi @songdog,
You are right that we had delay with shipment of Pixel 5. Unfortunately, we faced an unexpected technical issue, which delayed the process. We will start shipping them any moment. You should get a tracking number when your phone is shipped.

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Thanks, I appreciate the quick responses.

Can you share any more information about the “technical issue” and when it will be resolved?

I have a certain amount of urgency about this order. My old Nexus 6P which has been running e/OS/ for about three years is apparently no longer supported; and the battery is beginning to bloat. It’s a race between getting hacked due to no security updates and burning my house down… I’d really like to replace it sooner rather than later. :wink:

It was more an issue at the warehouse in the US. That seems to have been sorted out. The last update I got from the team was that all the Pixel 5 orders were being shipped.
We will update the information on the website as well.

And… it’s on its way, I got an email with the shipping notification. :grinning:

Now I just need to remember how to set it up for my email and contacts sync, it’s been a while since I did that.

It has arrived, it’s set up (just moved the SIM from my old phone), working on T-Mobile in the US. Set up my existing account, synced contracts and email. Installed Firefox, logged into the forum, and here I am. I’m very happy so far.

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