Music : Is there a way to stop music when headset is disconnected from Bluetooth?

When I am using my Bluetooth headset listening music, if I disconnect my headset from Bluetooth (or if I disable Bluetooth on my phone) the music after a couple of seconds is played on the speaker phone which is annoying.

Is there a way to stop the music when disconnecting the Bluetooth?


I can confirm this is a Music app behavior only, as it doesn’t happen with other apps (ie Radio Paradise & go back to pause when disconnecting BT).

Thanks @smu44.

I think we should consider it a bug

It’s a bug only if the app is designed to pause the play when switching audio device :wink:

Unfortunately there’s no “About” in Music app, and I couldn’t find it in /e/ GitLab :frowning:
So maybe someone of /e/ team could lead you to the maintainer, then you could ask him if it is the desired behavior …

Hello, an issue is opened in gitlab:
I put the link to this post in it.