My app-wishlist

Hello. I dunno where to share my wishlist, so here’s:

App-wishes (some are Danish):
Dragon Ball z dokkan
Steam app
Valuta omregner
Vild mad
Check udvej (Nem-ID important!)
Coop Danmark app
Rejsekort Status (Nem-ID important!)
Mobilpay (Nem-ID important!)
Dba app
Twitter app
Blure app
Any moon apps to look after the moon’s phrases (fullmone etc)
Kaspersky apps (All of them since I have all my loggings stored)
Betalingsservice (Nem-ID important!)
Handelsbanken (Nem-ID important!)
Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

You can all this install via Aurora store.

Really? That’s great! But I wonder if they working too? I heard the twitch app having alot problems?

Some apps are needing original goolag services and won’t work with eOS. And you can’t use apps with inApp Purchase or payed apps, which need a licence proof via goolag services.

And a lot of banking apps won’t work on eOS. But most of them do have a web interface, so you can use via webbrowser.

Protonmail works fine for my since years

Which of you apps will run and which not, I think you have to test for yorr own.

Even in smartphone browser Brave I can’t logg in via web-form

That should normally work. Do you have running any TrackerBlocker or Firewall running in background ?

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Yes i do with brave but I will try other two browsers

Have you had succes with using apps requiring danish nem-id. ? Kan du benytte dig af de Nem-id krævende apps? Or Mobilepay?

Mobilepay virker helt fint, det gør Handelsbanken og rejsekort status appen også, Betalingsservice og e-boksen gør det også fint. Betalingsservice og e-boksen har dog svært med stå imod appen TrackerControl hvor det blokere tracking og du bliver nød til at manuel logge ind på Eboksen hver gang. Jeg bruger kun papir-lappen og den nem-id nøgle-ring, da jeg er ikke tosset med nem-id appen i forvejen. Så alle NemID apps virker på min preorded Fairphone 3+ med eOS /e/.

Dba, Brave, Steam app, Discord, VILD MAD, Mit DVF, Blure app, Spotify, minds, protonmail, Ønskeskyen, flixbus works

The other apps i found replacement to like rejseplanen etc. Other apps did i dropped. But sadly Air Wallet app doesn’t work at all, so i need to take my old phone with that app for doing laundry in the basement.

Tak for det. At tage en FP3+ med en anden OS end android afhang helt af om jeg ville kunne bruge Nem-Id. App’en bruger jeg ikke, pappen er rigeligt.
Thanks, buying a FP with /e/ depended on wether or not the danish public banking certification worked.

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Yeah i was worried too, but my banking app works very perfectly. I will cross my fingers your banking app in your fairphone with eOSwill works too even it has Nem-id :slightly_smiling_face:. Not all banking apps works.

Remember buy fast charging cables, I didn’t that at my first Fairphone 3 (google android) and messed up with charging my first.