My experience/problems using /e/ (pixel 4 XL/coral)

First things first, the experience to install has been A+, it was so smooth and so easy! As a total beginner with Android roms, it was very nice!

Once you get to Android, most things works reaaaaally smoothly too, I was quite impressed!

I only have 1 problem and 2 things that irritates me:

  • Irritation #1: The task switcher is not really great, I don’t like the fact I have to go all the way to the back to click, close all.

  • Irritation #2: Coral is marked (on the /e/ foundation website) as stable with /e/os version S, which is not true. The only stable version available is R, (I checked the Repo and that’s what the easy installer installed). This page should be updated.

  • Problem: I have only one real problem. When I try to log in the Microsoft account of my organization (so the login page of the login page is never able to load. I’ve seen SSL error, DNS caching error and so on and so forth. I only need it for on thing, autentificate my organization email via OAuth. Right now, after the browser pop up, I sign in, I authorized the mail app to access my emails and then when I return to the app, every single app I used returns a Network Error message at the end of their configuration.
    Here is what I tried:

  • Changing the DNS (Google, OpenDNS, CloudFare, ISPs DNS)

  • Switching networks (home, work, mobile (all from 3 different providers))

  • Activating private DNS and deactivating it

  • Switching default browsers (Default browser, Firefox, Samsung internet, Vivaldi, Naver Whale)

Right now, with Naver whale and DNS from Google, I can access without problem (the other browsers still struggles), but when I try to link mail apps (default email, k-9, fairemail, spark, outlook) I always get a network error just like before.

To note, the login page for consumer accounts (hotmail/ works perfectly! But as soon as you enter the portal for business account it fails.

That seems like a bug in /e/ in my point of view…
Any other solutions you have in mind for me to try?

Thank you!

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I’m sure you’ve heard this before but in case you haven’t. Have you checked if the hide IP feature in advanced privacy is turned on? It should be on the front page of settings. If it is on try turning it off and seeing if that helps

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Hi @Windows2k,

Welcome here and in /e/OS world!
For your #1, you can have a look to one feature proposal here: [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Improve Close all opened apps function (UX/GUI) and if you can also have a look at the /e/ Gitlab to support the enhancement request: Improve Close all opened apps function (UX/GUI) (#3785) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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And everybody interested by that one can vote to push the idea at dev level

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I did indeed turned off the IP hiding feature and the location one, but I didn’t try to turn off the tracker one.

Your comment made me think about it and I tried to turn off the tracker protection, and it worked!

So thank you for putting me in the right direction!

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I’m glad I could be of use! Funny thing is I didn’t even think to disable certain tracker blockers which is ironic as I actually had a lot of experience with that on older android devices :sweat_smile:

just FYI @Windows2k, you can keep trackers blocked per app. So if one app doesn’t work fine when the trackers are blocked, you can try to just disable the blocking trackers for that app. Like that the other trackers remain blocked :wink:

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Users in the K9 Mail forums have reported a similar problems: see this thread

They were able to work around the problem

reverting to password authentication (instead of the OAuth2 authentication which had been previously required to enable outgoing mail)