My experience with /e/ with tje leco 2 X522, et ça marche bien

Hello and sorry for my english, you know some french guys have difficulty with english langage :slight_smile:

I give today my experience with /e/ on the leco2 x552, i used it since december.
everyday it’s a pleasure to use this os.
of course some bugs appeared , with camera and fdroid but it’s was not so restrictive.
I uninstalled and reinstall fdroid and it’s works.
For the camera, i close the app and i open it again and it’s ok.
The email works perfectly.
I use firefox klar to go on internet==> no problem
I can play with games from fdroid store, (tuxcar etc.), it’ works.
I put my debian os int the phone and its works, so it’s good
In a daily life, this os works good and i’m happy to have a phone who matches with my convictions.
I find this os stable.

I don’t like 2 things:
microG, but ii desacivate google clound messaging, google safetynet and recover to google terminal==> so it’s ok now
And when i connect the phone to my computer, it’s not so intuitive to find how to use the phone in usb mode, the first time, i put 30 minutes to find .

So thanks to /e/ team and i hope this os will have a long life and a good future.


@Chastagnet thanks for sharing your experiences on using /e/ for the first time.
On MicroG, it is a part of the system because some popular apps for e.g. Whatsapp do not work without Google in the background. MicroG fools the apps by simulating the Google infrastructure being available on the system. As you did, a user can always disable specific parts of MicroG which they do not want. Ideally we should move away from apps which need Google to work.
On the problem of understanding how the phone works in usb mode… this process as you may be aware is standard across all android phones and not specific to /e/. Anyway will try to add a small document to the wiki to help users on this part.

Thanks for you answer.
For me it’s important that the os give the possibility to people to choose to be free of google or to put google in the phone, i think it’s the best way for the os to travel in the time.
We know that some people love facebook and all these apps.
I want to be free but i want a os that i can keep a lot of years and i don’t want a project who disappear in 2 years.
It’s why i like the /e. project because it’s based on android and i think it’s the best way to developpe something good.

Best regards

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