My ideas are to make the ROM better in the interface and applications used

Hi all. Device - xiaomi whyred. Sorry, if I do not have very good English, I write through Google translator. It is like ideas, a desire to help development. I would also like to do it myself, but I do not have the knowledge to do this. The only thing I know is that everything seems too confusing there, and the instruments between which I hesitated without finding a good one. There are probably those that I don’t know about at all. But I’m still interested in learning this.

Change the background of the Phone application to black. Replace the standard file manager with Material Files, it is more functional. “Apps” works only through VPN. The manufacturer’s update system level is May 1, 2018. A newer one is needed.
This is just an initial sketch. Something else comes to mind - I’ll supplement it.

And I would like to have an Android interface similar to the desktop systems Remix OS or Phoenix OS, if it works out with the correct scale for 6 inches. I would be comfortable even without a mouse and keyboard. The current interface has become boring, I’m sad because I can not change the UI (DE) to another, as it can be done with desktop GNU / Linux. Launchers are not an analogue of DE, but simply application launcher. Although with the settings, and with a bunch of everything, but I got exactly that opinion.

If the topic is not located, where necessary, with opportunities move.
But do not scold much. Still, I am writing a translator through Google, I have spent a lot of time writing this topic.

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Why don’t put it in the German section and write without translator ? I think I can give you some workarounds to get what yo want.

@harvey186 You are mistaken. I am not from Germany, but from Russia and I speak Russian. I did not find Russian-language forums where they help to develop ROM / e /.

Oh sorry, I thought German, because you have two times write DE. That’s stands vor German language.

OK, than to your requests 'Background you can change in ‘Settings’ / ‘Display’ in what ever you want.

Regarding file manger, most people like Amaze from f-droid. You will never find a app which fits for all. But you can install every app (but pls not google app) you want via f-droid / Aurora / Apps store. And you can remove the unwanted app via TWRP file manager

I prefer downloading apps from Aurora. They are actual.

Regarding Desktop: Feel free to install the launcher of your choice. It’s as I have written under File Manager: Everyone want have another default launcher / layout.
If you want a really customizable launcher, use ‘total launcher’. You can customize really everything.

@harvey186 DE - refers to the desktop environment for GNU / Linux.

I have a black background in the settings. Because (my opinion) it better saves battery power. I found, in addition to “Phone”, a few more applications with a white background.
I know that in Android 10 Google decided to make a black UI everywhere. But / e / ROM on whyred is still on 8.1. I do not mean that / e / should be on version 10 (8.1 suits me), but replacing the background color in the apk file will not hurt such applications, I will try to do it later. Or replace apps with a white background with apps from Android 10.

Also, I am attaching a screenshot confirming the outdated version of vendor security. Especially for you included English.

OK, we don’t touch the file manager and look at TWRP. Apps will replace with Aurora. And Total Launcher, too. Thank you for the set of applications. I’ll inform you if something goes wrong.

Screen Settings

Yes, it’S really outdate. You should make an issue on gitlab regarding this.