My suggestions on choosing technoligies for /e/

Hello. I would like to ask /e/ team to consider this when working on the project:
La beauté sauvera le monde. This is French proverb which I’ve heard first in Russian variant. This means “A beauty will save the world”. What do I mean by this is every project you will create should be beautiful.
Each project the team creates or use should be fast, easy to use, lightweight and not bloated.
Every person who is a user or a part of the team can tell his/her opinion on my message.

Hello. I can assure you the team doesn’t plan to make things slow, hard to use, heavy and bloated :yum:

With so many lines of code in all projects that /e/ have in touch, sometimes it’s difficult to do as simple as it shoud be or we would like it to be !

Et effectivement pour moi la beauté sauvera le monde dès lors que la décroissance et le respect de la nature arrivera !

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