N26 (Spain) not allowing facial ID verification?

Hi, I’m using /e/OS 1.5-20221031230909 (Android 10) on a Fairphone 3

I just downloaded N26 (version 3.112, updated on 31 Aug 2023) to open a bank account with them but I’m unable to complete facial ID verification. I get past the taking photos of identification document, but when it comes to facial ID it goes to an error page and asks me to check that my internet connection is stable and/or that I have enough storage space on my phone.

I faced the same issue with Triodos (UK) Bank app, and was unable to resolve it (but for Triodos, the facial verification was just to be able to use it without an additional physical security token, whereas this is needed to open the account itself).

I’ve looked up if others are facing a similar issue but it seems the last time people had issue with N26 app was in 2021, and a later update fixed any issues they had? But it seems perhaps this latest update (31 August 2023) created compatibility issues again? I also can’t find any N26 older apps on apkmirror website.

Would greatly appreciate anyone’s help!

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Perhaps you could start by upgrading your device to the latest version of /e/OS available :

DEV : https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/
STABLE : https://images.ecloud.global/stable/FP3/

As you can see, /e/OS for FP3 is only in development on Android 12 (S). As long as you stay on Android 10 (Q), you’re not going to get any more updates (including possibly better app support).

Thanks for the suggestion, I upgraded to Android 13 (so not the latest, since there’s Android 14 available but it only came out a few days ago so I didn’t want to get it just yet) but the problem persists…

do you think it’s wanting to do machine face detection or is this a step involving connecting to a human for initial verification? looking at logcat would confirm if it’s the same as with tridos (face detection in vision api unimplemented) or something else.

Some banks allow opening new accounts to be initially verified by wiring money from an existing account (Openbank does).