Need guidance on installing /e/ on Moto G4 Plus

I have Moto G4 Plus(athene) XT1643. I was always updated to official build through Motorola OTA. Lastly being on 8.1.0, I had some great read on XDA. It inspired me to root my device and have some fun with this 4 years old device.

I rooted my device. Installed several PIE roms on it. Some ROMs were unofficial build and some were official. I have tried ArrowOS, SuperiorOS, AOSiP and OmniRom. Everything was okay and I am pretty satisfied with the performance.

During my course of leaning for this device, I get to know about some issue related to bricking, IMEI=0 etc.

I got to know about /e/ for my device. I have already downloaded official build from link. It is based on Nougat (7.0). Now I am very much interested to try /e/ on my phone. I have seen the instruction to installation. It is pretty much same as flashing from TWRP. I have TWRP

Somewhere I heard that, downgrading Android Version from 9.0 (Currently on SuperiorOS Pie) to 7.0 will lead to hard brick or some problems. I don’t want these problems to occur with me.

I don’t know much nitty-gritty about downgrading the version. I need guide to smooth transition from SuperiorOS to /e/ Nougat. Need guidance from knowledgeable people here.

So Requesting everyone to guide me in details for installation.

Great Hopes,
Untill then

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Hi, @rajatkumarzala Welcome to /e/Land.

To downgrade système version to nougat, you have to change the bootoader (not possible with Samsung bootloader version 10),
the easiest way is flashing the lastest official stock Motorola/android nougat OS,
an then flashing TWRP to install /e/OS