Need someone to install e on a G7

I am in the USA ( North Carolina) , hopelessly lost trying to install e on a motorola G7 plus ( 2 of them ) . Wanting to pay someone at this point . If some one is interested in doing this for me , let me know , the price and turnaround time. Thanks.

Hi @Talmadge,
are you sure that your two motorola G7 plus correspond to these four models:

Other models are not supported by /e/ OS.

Yes, having a problem with the adb commands , but I am not tech savvy at all. Just freak out by a phone that knows me better then I know my self. Just yesterday was getting ready for work and felt like listening to black sabbath, ( can’t remember the last time I listened to them ) the first song on YouTube music was war pigs .

What kind of problems are they?

What operating system is your personal computer running?

Windows 10 , but I have an older computer with xp on it I can try

Have it done or do it yourself? That is the question here!

The age of the computer plays a subordinate role if the software is current enough. For Windows PC you need Motorola USB driver or Motorola USB driver 32/64-bit as well as Platform-Tools for Windows.

@Talmadge did you ever get this fixed? If not, I would be happy to help in any way I can. I haven’t done a G7 but I have done every phone in the G4 series. I have gone over the instructions for the G7 and the basic procedure is the same. Send me a private message if you need some help.

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Yea paid a guy on ebay $60 to do 2 phones , he is going to do it this weekend via TeamViewer. I tried but couldn’t get the aba commands to work , but I am completely computer illiterate. But thanks for offering!!!

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It seems like we have similar phones. Mine is Moto G7 Power. Lately I am using LineageOS but I have started thinking about getting back to /e/ :thinking: