Need to create a customized firmware based on E

Looking for an expert that will help us! We love the e project but need to change it a little, we need to create a firmware to be installed on certain android devices ( we can , of course, choose from the list of e compatible devices) that will display only and exclusively 5 android apps we need. It is for devices distributed to workers of a company. No Internet browsers, no google play, just 5 apps we choose to install and nothing else.

Please contact Tim at

Hi @TimWeiss, since you would be customizing the /e/ source code and placing you own set of apps…essentially it will not be an /e/ ROM.
You can go ahead with the customization but Please do not use the /e/ Logo or name.
You can mention that the source was forked from /e/.
Your ROM or build when it is developed will be a custom ROM. You can check our definition of builds here.

cool, want to have an ungoogled os but using gmail :confused:

Of course. We will do as you say. Can you find out who can do it for us ?

You can contact us also on

Of course Manoj , thanks for your email. I am so interested to cooperate with your community. Well we need someone who can get it done. Do you know someone that can work on it for me?



Tim, we are ourselves on the look out for developers to work on our projects :smile: . You can check on XDA as well. They have a huge trove of developers and device maintainers who can help you on this.