Network connections under /e/ 0.18

We have two devices now, I have a plussed FP3 and she has an FP3+, both on Android 10 with /e/ 0.18, configured very similar.

What I detect on both (!) of them in the last two or three weeks is that network connections seem to get somehow unstable. Not in every meaning, but some apps (especially the app stores) do not work correctly anymore after a few days.

This is weird. Especially because I cut my connections every evening (by flight mode) and restart them in the morning. I also change the wifi two times a day (company and at home). So all the connections themselves do never get older than a day.

The problem gets visible by surprisingly unsuccessful network operations. Suddenly Aurora can’t reach its repository anymore and turns the wheel forever. When I then try F-Droid it’s the same, can’t connect. Yesterday it was AndStatus (a Twitter client) which could not send anymore. But note: this happens while other apps (for instance Signal or FairEmail) do still work, so I guess it affects only some network protocols or ports or security layers. When this happens the situation is never solved by itself. You must reboot manually.

I never noticed this with previous versions of /e/. Before /e/ 0.18 I could run my device for 30 days or so without a single reboot. Now I must reboot every four or five days because of malfunction.

Has anyone else also noticed this?


I’ve a similar issue, with twidere, aurora and, sometimes, browser. But, i have this issue with the wifi connections and not with data connection.

I have a GS290 with 0.18.

Yes, sure, also on wifi. My app stores run on wifi only. I don’t think the problem is related to a special kind of connection. As I said, the connections are renewed every few hours, at least once a day. It’s somehow above them.

Do you use NetGuard? Is that part of the problem?

No, not Neguard and i have the issue with or without shelter.

The problem seems to be related to the automatic (re)connection to a known wifi network.

When the device was connected to a wifi network and leaves it the current connection will be broken. The wifi symbol disappears. – When the device reaches later again a known wifi network (the same or another) the connection should be (re)established automatically. The wifi symbol is shown again. Everything looks good but indeed it isn’t reliable especially for app stores and streaming apps.

A workaround is then to switch wifi connections manually off and on again in the new network, then it works until you leave it again.

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