New app store accesses Google sources?


I read here in the forum that the new app installer accesses the Google Play store like the Aurora store. I thought /e/OS would be as google free as possible. Is there an option to select if you want to install your apps from the Aurora store or from the normal /e/OS source?

Thanks for answers in advance!

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There is no setting or option about this, but it is up to you which app store you use to install and update apps. Both Aurora Store and /e/'s new App Lounge get their non-FOSS apps (anonymously) from Google’s play store - which is the safest source.

Personally I use Aurora Store, and F-Droid for FOSS apps, because I did not like /e/'s old Apps using CleanApk - an anonymous entity about which no information is available And because both are mature apps which have worked well for a while, while Apps and App Lounge are less mature and therefore likely to have more bugs. Aurora and F-Droid both work well, and I see no reason to change to the new App Lounge, particularly because it still gets FOSS apps from CleanApk rather than from F-Droid


Thanks for your answer! So does that mean that the apps currently still come from cleanapk and not Google Play?

FOSS apps (i.e. apps you would find in F-Droid) still come from cleanapk.

non-FOSS apps come from Google’s Play store (as they do in Aurora Store.

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because it still gets FOSS apps from CleanApk rather than from F-Droid

I had clues previously that App Lounge was already downloading from F-Droid. I just downloaded Paseo from App Lounge. App Lounge stated the source as F-Droid.