New here and at least one question

Hi everybody,

I´m new here and I hope I´m in the right category for the moment. If not, please don´t kill me ;)! I wrote with Gaël earlier today and then I found this community.

So, at the moment there is only one question left: Gaël told me, there are connections to Google servers left when using /e/. Now, can anybody tell me if these connections can be blocked with Netguard?

I´m very interested in a refurbished phone but first all open questions should be cleared.

Thank you in advance,

No, in the moment there is no way to block it. (I think he has meaning the connection which will start at beginning of every Wifi start /e/ connects to and when connecting to WIFI)
As far as I know, the devs are working on a solution.

Actually looks like this leak is resolved.

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Allright! Thank you for your answers! So, it should be solved - that´s good news! I think I´m gonna give it all a try!

Of course there are still a few others tiny Google things like Gaël said to you (I’m curious to know more about those remaining leaks), but I guess there is no better AOSP based ROM than /e/ in the privacy field, so yes give it a try :wink:

GrapheneOS, Replicant but they have poor suppored devices list

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Gaël was referring to the infosec raised issues. You can check the progress on the open and closed bugs.

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Okay! But, can connections to/from Google servers be blocked with Netguard while the system is running? I don´t mean connections while the device is booting.

The problem is, that than a lot of browser function won’t work.

I’m using “TrackerControl” from f-droid. There you can block the trackers for each app. When I’m blocking the google trackers in a browser it’s often stop working, because the browser contacts google (some do it anonymous).
So you never will be able to block google connections forever and everywhere

You mean the default /e/-browser which is a chromium-fork or something like that?

Edit: And how about other browsers?

ALL Browser I have tested. Normally I’m using Qwant browser or jQuarks. Qwant browser does have a lot problems after disabling all googel trackers

Ooops - thank you!!!

I can offer you to throw away NetGuard, set up Magisk and install the more advanced app firewall — AFWall+. Using THIS GUIDE, you can cut off the system processes from the network as much as possible without compromising your personal usage style. You can also prevent leaks during boot by using the optional script injection.

Thank you! But now it´s getting more and more technical and here I´m not too experienced. That´s the reason why I´m interested in a refurbished phone on which /e/ does the technical part. At the moment I try to clear beforehand how de-googled /e/ is and if I would have lots of work to de-google /e/ even more. Installing and running apps like Netguard to block a few rests wouldn´t be a problem. But Magisk, rooting, AFWall+ and so on would!

I understand you. I’m also don’t like this very difficult setup of AFWall+. It’s nothing for users eOS is developed for ‘moms’ and ‘dads’. That’s why I prefer a ‘normal’ app which don’t need root and where I can decide which tracker are allowed and which not.

And I don’t know how AFWall+ is managing the blocking. If it blocks all hundreds of google IP’s how should an app like Aurora store work ? It’s connecting to google play store. But I think it’s another topic.

Aurora is e´s built-in appstore?

No, Aurora is an independent app store. Or better, it’s an independent client for access Play Store. eOS has his own apps store, but on the moment it’s not working very well. It has not all apps available and the available apps are often outdated (but the devs are working on that issue)

Thank you for your help!!! Last question: F-Droid can be used and works well?

It’s the best choice ever :+1::+1::+1:

Very good! So I´m gonna get me an e-phone. Fingers crossed!:grin:

Thanks again for your kind help!!!