New OS for computers

There’s a lot of operating systems for computers but none of them are good (in my opinion). My question is will E Foundation release Linux-based OS for computers? Here are some requirements:
Simple and fast installation (Fedora installer is very heavy and not handy, Ubuntu installer is a bit laggy).
The installer is automatically detecting hardware, installs all required drivers and creates configuration files. No tearing, no lags and freezes.
Supports all kind of SSDs (SATA, M.2, NVME).
Easy to use (all necessary settings can be found in GUI).
Has beatiful themes, icons, wallpapers and good font rendering.
All popular browsers and other software is available for installation from “App Store”.
Software in repositories needs to be fresh (not 2 years old like in Debian or Ubuntu but no alpha versions in stable repositories like in Arch or Fedora).
I know Gael created Mandriva Linux back in the days, I think you guys will probably create new OS in the future. I hope this is possible. Best regards.

Hi @blackpoint the ‘eOS’ is definitely on the e-roadmap. The way we will want to go ahead would be smartphones -> tablets -> computer OS. Thanks for the suggestions on the areas that would need focus. It might take some time but we are going there eventually.


Thanks Manoj you’re good moderator and working quickly :grinning: The community seems to be nice, the forum is working pretty fast and easy to use due to it’s design and tips. I like the feature when You’re typing something and it shows you if there’s already such topic on the forum.

…I run Sparky Linux on my aging Eee-PC 901. Works perfectly, great custom GUI-Tools on top of Debian Buster (apt beeing directed at stable repos, before Buster getting officially released…). As mentionned before An Linux-based OS should be no problem, as so many exist…
Greetings !

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Hello @npfp. I realised that Linux is not for me and a few yesterday I switched to Windows. Maybe I will switch back to Linux one day when it will become better (better UX, Wayland by default, Xorg will be abandoned). Best regards.

imho the ux is absolutely amazing, better than macOS!!!

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Not gonna force you to check it once again, But they are multiple Linux distros with absolutly gorgeous UX.
Out of my mind, I can think of :
Elementary OS (The one i currently use)
Deepin OS
KDE Neon

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Yeah I agree on the UX
But it’s owned by China, I love china, but I am suspicious of their spying tools (in the OS???)
I used to use it though, I am a sucker for beautiful experiences!

Well, You can still use a distro who use the interface of deepin, Manjaro has some community supported spin with the deepin environment interface.

True! Very good. I should switch back to that, I love deepin UX so much!

Hi everyone. I used Windows 10 for some time (until August I think or maybe until the end of August) and then seems like Intel released bad driver for my Wi-Fi card (again). And again it was working bad, again they released an update to fix that but I didn’t want to use Windows anymore. I tried different distributions and settled on Ubuntu 18.04.3 Seems like it works better than previous releases. I’ve got used to Gnome but still don’t like a few things, like following: 1) You can’t change buttons to switch keyboard layout to Alt-Shift or Ctrl-Shift combination. 2) There’s no Hibernate and/or Suspend button (only Power button). I tried to contact their lead designer and he replied to my message. He said that I should use Win+Space and that Suspend button will be added in future releases. I asked about absense of Maximize and Minimize buttons too and he said that it doesn’t fit Gnome concept.


I’d add Solus OS this list.

If you’re really concerned about privacy though, consider PureOs. Check them out at

I don’t care about privacy so much, I put stability and speed on first place. I didn’t find their OS there, but I found it on and it’s still in beta.

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Please no Wayland! I want to rule my own system. No intentionally built in bugs like Wayland to prevent the use of some tools as root. I like to build up my own GUI, so yes, Xorg X11 is here to stay. There are enough Gnu/Linux versions already. The beauty of Gnu/Linux is the freedom of choice.

The comments here tell people want just another OS that looks and feels like their phone, just another full fetched desktop with a lot of bloatware. something alike a Chromebook ( I’ll never buy it or use an OS like that ) and the Linux’s I prefer are the ones that get heavily criticized here.

/E/ should concentrate on the upgrade to Pie for all devices, on tablets, and on the possibility to easy remove default system apps.


Yesterday I’ve read “Leaving Apple and Google” and found that E Foundation is going to release OS for laptops and desktops. Can I ask about details of the project?

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I’m curious too!!! Staying tuned

@blackpoint could you drop the link you noticed?

@donut3 Here it is.

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Why not, /e/ as OS for computers…
…but honestly I’d prefer

  • if resources are first concentrated on v1.0 for the already supported phones,
  • if supported devices received an upgrade to Oreo or even Pie and
  • if a fully operatiomal GSI image is been put out.
    That seems already quite a bit of a challenge.
    Revolutionizing the market for notebooks at the same time feels a bit much.

I saw the announcement from Gael. Very interesting, but at the current time, i feel that /e/ should focus on having /e/ for phone free of bugs and running apps that users need. We are not yet there and the latest updated have not solve any issues but simply create more (especially on Bliss and /e/ drive.
When is V1 planned for /e/ phones ?