New user on a Teracube 2e from Murena - Initial Impressions

Background: I am reasonably tech savvy and did a fair amount of research before choosing e/OS. I had no phone I wanted to use for a self install, so purchased a Teracube 2e.

I received the phone and the first sign of trouble was that the box was sealed, but the back was off the phone and there was no “battery tab” in place, despite the phone having been shipped internationally to me in the US. The battery was at about 64%, so I charged it.
I next connected to WiFi and updated to 1.4. This update took nearly an hour.
I next attempted to open the App Lounge. It took nearly two minutes before I saw my first icon on the page.
Over the last couple of days, I’ve tried to load apps with various privacy and security settings. The best install I got was with Advanced Privacy off, no VPN, Real Location and it still took over two hours to install Signal.
I’ve had to research and correct multiple GPS issues, download the maps and try to get it all to work together. Once again, the only way is with any security or privacy feature turned off.
This phone is slow. Really slow. To the point of unusability. Clicking on some apps apparently does nothing, until some time later the app suddenly pops up. Some time being some seconds to almost a minute later.
Perhaps I got a lemon, but I’m deeply disappointed in this experience, particularly given that with shipping, I’ve spent nearly $400. I’ve pulled the SIM and put it back in my old phone.
I’ve read a fair amount here on e/os about how this phone os would be good for seniors and children. Indeed, that was one of the reasons I chose this path. After experiencing the last few days, I cannot advocate strongly enough against that idea. Putting seniors and children in such a frustrating and esoteric situation as to figure out how to make all this work together in a coordinated fashion will only result in failure and flying phones.
This sort of performance is the reason many people are returning to feature phones; As I’m stuck with the Teracube, I will likely give e/os or another ROM another try in the future, but bottom line for me is that it’s currently unusable.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

This is not normally something I have seen using /e/OS but then again I do now have a teracube 2e.

If there is an issue with the phone, I would suggesting contacting customer support. There is an actual support team.

Give them a chance to address your concerns. I have had no issues with /e/OS.

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Thank you for the recommendation, I’ve forwarded the above text to them and we’ll see what comes of it. I hadn’t noticed the support option as it always sends me to the store email.

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As to tinker teracube 2e , the phone in it self has issues volume of speakers not good at at very poor , battery life is very poor as to tercube phone manufactures support in U.S.A thats not very good either.

*For e/os i am grateful for the o/p system the work they are doing .

Unfortunately learning how the settings work can be frustrating when having issues.
I too have same issue with privacy an vpn have to turn vpn off to access anything on internet even F-droid repository app.
I found a work around using netguard app from F-droid note if desired all app including system app can be locked down select the apps you wish to give permission to be active.

I also frustrated with teracube 2e phone it self
(((( not with e/os ))))) for now that all the choices for U.S.A to have pure android phone .


Perhaps ask if you can return the phone and if not sell it on eBay and buy another one!

I have the Teracube 2e emerald and quite pleased with it.
It’s a bit laggy for sure but nothing like described so maybe something is wrong with that particular device.

Battery life is actually one of the best when compared to my other devices (all running essentially the same software and tools).

The VPN as referenced here is Orbot/Tor. Using Tor will be slower as traffic is routed all over the place until it reaches a destination. If you don’t need that then don’t use it.
There are threads about Advanced Privacy and its features and issues. Read and see these things first before complaining about them.

I don’t use Advanced Privacy as I use other networking tools. If things are still super slow with the Advanced Privacy VPN off then I’m not sure if that’s a phone issue or a network one. APN settings (try switching to IPv4), one’s carrier, something else?
On my Teracube the data speeds are fine. Whether I’m using WiFi (to T-Mobile router) or the SIM (data-only with a Hong-Kong endpoint).

Could be a lemon, could be not setup optimally, could be anything. The severe unresponsiveness is definitely a problem though.

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