Nextcloud Notes for Android overwriting notes!

Hey everyone, I’m having a very disruptive issue with Nextcloud Notes. I use Murena’s Nextcloud services in the desktop browser and on my phone through Nextcloud Notes.

[ Edit: I am not using /e/OS. I’m using the stock Samsung OS, debloated. Using the official Nextcloud app to connect my account with Nextcloud Notes. ]

The mobile version of notes seems to take precedence, and is HORRIBLE at managing syncing properly! As a result, my notes from today’s class were overwritten by the older version of that note :neutral_face:. This has happened several times.

I’m on the latest version of Nextcloud Notes for Android. Is there a way to stop losing my notes or should I stop using the mobile app for now?

Please let me know if there’s a better place to ask this! I don’t have a github account but will contact the nextcloud notes devs somehow if necessary.

to imagine how this goes down - you prepared for example “” on mobile on the way to class, then did more note taking in the browser while in class on the “” that at this point had your changes you made on mobile - then when your browser state is saved and you return later to “”, it’s back to the mobile state from before class.

I’m on the latest version of Nextcloud Notes

just a sanity check: the /e/OS notes integration does have your webdav account too?

does this fit your problem? Prevent editing of unsynchronized notes · Issue #161 · stefan-niedermann/nextcloud-notes · GitHub

You did not mention on which smartphone and with which eOS version this error occurs.
Therefore, I can only recommend that you delete your murena (eCloud) account completely from your phone. Afterwards, please restart your smartphone and log in your eCloud account again in the settings.

Is this phenomenon gone now, or does the error still exist?

I tried to clarify that I’m not using /e/OS, (see edit, I’m on Android 12, One UI 4.0) but that’s ok.

I know this likely isn’t an issue with Murena’s software, but I don’t know where to go for support with Nextcloud’s software.

As I’ve now clarified, this isn’t on eOS, but I have been using Murena’s nextcloud instance for a while. Will probably have to talk to Nextcloud community about this.

Anyways! I have one huge note for each topic, and occasionally I’d notice that within that note, my last lecture worth of notes was gone. I think what’s happening is I open the mobile app, open a note and edit it to jot something down, without waiting for it to synchronize and pull in the newer version from the cloud. On desktop I always make sure it’s saved before closing. I could be more careful about waiting for it to sync, but that really shouldn’t be a problem.

In the short term I might just stop using the mobile app. In the near future I plan on moving to LogSeq, an excellent open source knowledge base.

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(LoqSeq - interesting)

You could test if plain WebDAV sync is more reliable for you on mobile than letting Nextcloud Notes use its API. Using any markdown Editor in a dedicated folder and the nextcloud client you’d have visual feedback that the Note is uploaded.

“Conflict resolution” for offline editing was solved in programming with version control systems, so I’d probably use this. Looking around that’d be Markor + MGit or GitJournal. Issue is - there’s nothing serverside to do the versioning on Edits in the Browser so falls flat for your workflow?

You’d have it in any markdown Desktop App though combined with any Git client you’re comfortable with. It can use WebDAV as the remote but at that point you could transition to webgit out there that has Browser edit-in-place tools (Gitlab, Github, etc…)

I use the preinstalled Notes application that comes with /e/. It syncs with WedDav. But I sometimes have to wait 20 seconds for the app to finish synching my latest edits. At first it was quick when I just had a few notes, but now I got to 100 notes and it’s too slow. Therefore I’m going to use another app and store my notes on the ‘Documents’ folder of ecloud for synchronization.